reliving my birth story & what I know now.

Kent's birth story still brings tears to my eyes at the very thought of it. So many regrets. So many what ifs. Reliving that day in my head is like torture. The kind of torture that has a happy ending. Like a happy ending to a horror film... if you will. I know there's no changing the … Continue reading reliving my birth story & what I know now.

Mission: Let’s Spin This Baby!

The clock is ticking and time seems to be going faster than ever before. And also, time seems to be going slower than ever before. That makes sense, right? The reality we have less than 5 weeks until Baby H arrives is as scary as it is exciting. Furthermore, we have a procedure next week in … Continue reading Mission: Let’s Spin This Baby!

HALLELUJAH, Bitches! It’s Nursery Time!

Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth... and scream: HALLELUJAH, Bitches! Our stranger is gone and our guest bedroom is officially named "The Nursery." #SoCreative.  Today's post is dedicated to my our (and by our, I'm referring to my mom and I) nursery inspiration and what we have so far. Links to all … Continue reading HALLELUJAH, Bitches! It’s Nursery Time!