Kent turns ONE

Kent. My darling chunk of a babe. You are ONE. Wow, did that year fly by! Gee wiz. I blinked and you are one! No. Lies. Big fat lie. Laughable, actually. It didn't fly by. Not for me. Not for my husband. Not for Kent (just assuming) and not for my mom who I would call … Continue reading Kent turns ONE

9 Months: The Sweet Spot

I often hear mom's say things like "Where has the time gone?" "You're growing too fast!" or "I wish I could pause time." The first 6 months as a new mom I can honestly tell you I never once had those thoughts. My response to these mom's was more like,"what the fuck, are you delusional from … Continue reading 9 Months: The Sweet Spot

Kent 6 Months Update + Family Photos

Kent is 6 months. What the... what? This shit is bananas. The first 3 5 months I was praying time would speed up because #Colic #TerribleSleeper #RefuseToSmile  And now, PLEASE STOP THE TIME. I sounds like one of those new mom's that an hour after they get home from the hospital they're like "I've never been … Continue reading Kent 6 Months Update + Family Photos

Cry It Out: I lived to Tell My Story.

Get ready to judge me, people. And judge away... because I have no fucks to give right now. As a trained child trauma and attachment therapist there are a lot of judgements I made before becoming a mom. Like on breastfeeding: Who chooses not to breastfeed? Breastfeeding equals attachment. Or on sleep: cry it out? What are … Continue reading Cry It Out: I lived to Tell My Story.

4 Months: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly.

"4 Months, already?" The new mom said. "That's it?" I say. It feels like a decade ago that I was that terrified girl who was without my husband, 35 weeks pregnant and about to rolled down for an emergency C-section. Gosh, seriously? Only 4 months ago? That's it? Kent has made me aware that it's possible … Continue reading 4 Months: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly.