SAHM life update

It has been 5 months since my title has changed from a Bereavement Therapist to a Stay At Home Mom. The change didn’t come naturally at first. It involves extra long days with not much of a break, especially during those special naps that allow you to thank the Gods for a sleeping baby and provide you enough time to shower or even… omg… put on a pair of jeans instead of sweatpants.

With each passing day staying at home becomes more enjoyable and easier… for the most part… generally speaking… kind of… yeah. We have a routine now. Finally. Part of this is just timing with the age of my baby, I think. The older he gets the more predictable our days become. And thank goodness because routine is like, my best friend.

Right now we wake up around 6:45, play with toys, eat breakfast, get dressed for the day, leave for the gym by 9:00. Kent goes to the daycare at the gym from 9:15-11:15. The max amount allowed, of course. I go early to socialize with friends and I stay late to socialize with friends. #NoComplaintsHere Then he takes his first and only nap from about 11:30-1:00.

11:30 – 1:00 is like a dream. He’s been doing this for a little over a month now and it makes me feel like I kind of have a grasp on #MomLife. I get my break to clean the house, do laundry, organize bills, eat and watch Ellen.

The afternoon is a crapshoot filled with crabby tears, giggles, and lots of swinging on the swing set. By the end of summer I’m going to f*cking hate swings. It’s one of the only things that makes him happy, I swear. I mean, let’s face it, every baby is fussy once in a while (please say yes) and to have something that solves the problem for at least a little bit is like, everything.image

Although it doesn’t work 100% of the time.


Something I’ve learned about myself during this stay at home adventure is it can be whatever you want it to be.

Let me explain.

It can be unorganized and unstructured or routine.
It can be lonely and isolating or busy and exciting.
It can be stressful and unfulfilling or it can be relaxing.

Ok maybe it’s not relaxing. That’s a stretch. But there’s moments when you’re at the park at 2:00 on a Tuesday drinking coffee with a friend while your child is roaming around and you realize… this is awesome… my life is awesome.

Or there’s times at 6:00 on a Friday and your baby is super tired but it’s not bedtime yet and he’s screaming sporadically for no reason, your spouse is still at work and your friends are out for cocktails but you’re stuck with a fussy baby. Like, that isn’t fun. I know.

But then you put that baby to sleep for the day {finally} and you see his little eyes shut and he’s so perfect. And content. And adorable. And quietimage

And in that moment you realize it doesn’t matter how fussy he is… ever… because these are the moments that make life a happy one.

A sleeping baby.


Come visit me on Snapchat (@Malhalverson) for an inside look of what it’s like to write my blog post with a needy baby. It took about twice as long and frankly, pretty annoying. But hey, #RealLife

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