expectations with Oreos on top

Ok I’ll admit it. So I enjoy it when Brad is on nights for work. Please don’t tell him. It’d hurt his feelings. But an evening where I get to eat Oreos in bed without judgement… sign me up! I watch brain numbing reality shows until I fall asleep. And oh, a bed without my 6’5” freakishly long armed husband… It’s kinda like a very short vacation by myself. I do what I want.

But can’t I always do what I want? He’s no boss of me.

But no.

I can’t.

And neither can you.

Because #responsibilities. #obligations. #expectations.

The last one, expectations… that’s the real biotch.

As adults, we live to certain expectations that we create for ourselves. These expectations are important and make us a functioning member of society. It’s expected that there’s a dinnertime meal that involves some sort of nutrition. Whether it’s getting food delivered (likely) or me buying the groceries and having Brad whip up a meal (most likely) it is still expected to eat dinner.

It’s expected that rather than watching a housewives show until I pass out, we talk about our day or watch a show together… or bitch about the Trump presidency together (my favorite).

It’s expected that we wash our face, brush our teeth and go to bed at a decent hour.

{Have you ever felt overwhelemed by the idea of how many more times you have to brush your teeth in your lifetime? Like, twice a day. EVERY DAY. For the rest of your life…}


They’re important to a quality of life. Boring, maybe. But important. Candy for dinner wouldn’t be fun forever (right?). And staying up late is 100% not fun EVER when you have a baby.

There’s beauty in the routine of life. The expectations of life keep us grounded, organized and believe it or not, happy.

15 years ago when I was in high school daydreaming about living in the heart of NYC and being super successful in the fashion industry (I can’t imagine something more absurd now). I was disgusted with the idea of settling down with a few kids in the suburbs of Des Moines, Iowa. Disgusted. Like, who are these people who have no more aspirations than to live a simple, boring life.


It’s funny what a decade of growing up can do. There’s nothing I want more than to live a simple life. What I didn’t realize then is that a simple life is the goal. The expectations I set for myself are, in fact, routine. I admit it. But routine isn’t boring. The routine of life is key. A simple, routine life is exactly what I want.

So I’m not the risk taking, trend setting, super successful fashionista doing the business lady hustle. I’m actually none of those things. Not even kind of. Not, nothin’ along those lines. Zip.

And thank God. That sounds terrible. This. Right now. Watching the 10:00 news with my husband… cooking dinner… being asleep before 11… is everything I want.

I want expectations. I want simplicity. I want routine.

But let’s face it, I probably won’t ever beg my husband to quit doing night shifts because freeing myself of expectations once in a while makes life so much sweeter. I might also drink two glasses of wine tonight instead of one.

Look out world, I’m getting wild!  Cheers! Have a great weekend friends!


4 thoughts on “expectations with Oreos on top

  1. I like when Jake works nights too. 😊 I’m so productive/quiet. Haha However, more than 3 in a row and I go a little crazy–it’s a fine line–so I might be singing a different tune when he does an ENTIRE month of night shifts next month. (Bless you IM residency wives, because those months darn near kill me. 😉


    1. OMG an entire MONTH of nights. Like, no. That is overkill, for sure. In residency he would routinely do 7-8x a month in a row of nights, almost every month had a solid week of nights. Now he only does 4 every 6 weeks. That’s probably why they seem so much sweeter now. Hang in there Molly, it won’t be too long before the light at the end of the tunnel is here!


  2. Ugh I feel this. I love my boyfriend. Absolutely love him. But my goodness I love a night on my own when I can eat ice cream and not feel weird about it. He wouldn’t judge me if that’s what I chose to ate in the first place… but I still just want to do it alone sometimes!

    I love this post so much. I feel like I’m in this place where simplicity sounds so much better than the crazy adventures I used to have planned for myself.

    Have a great weekend, Mallory!

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