stop talking shit and compliment someone

I’m a friendly person. Often overly friendly. Not the overly friendly kind that picks up hitch hikers – although that is tempting, I better not. But when I see a girl with some bomb ass shoes I’m going to tell her. When I see a little boy at the park who helped another kid out I will shout “Way to go, little dude!”

I love complimenting people. Some people think this is fake. And sometimes it is fake. I admit it. If I’m in a bad ass mood and I see an elderly lady walking into the grocery store I will tell her how nice she looks. She’ll probably smile at me with a splash of confusion but it puts us both in good moods. So call that fake if you want but the reality is… we both win.

This year I’ve been trying really hard to not talk so much shit about people. I know, what an ugly thing to do! But I’m guilty. I never actually realized how often I did it until I made this goal to stop doing it. Weird how that works.

I’m focusing on bringing positivity into the world. Happiness to people, when I can. And I encourage you to do the same.

Shitty mood? Compliment a stranger.

Frustrated with your annoying ass coworker? Compliment him.

Find your husband irritating when he leaves his dirty laundry RIGHT NEXT TO THE MOTHER F*ING BASKET? Compliment something he does well.

Or just generally annoyed with the current state of our government? Me too.

But let’s spread goodness. Even if it’s “fake.” Opportunities to lift your mood (and others) are everywhere. Don’t be shy. We can’t control how often our 120 pound coworker complains about being fat but we can tell her we love her smile. We can’t control everyone around us but we are all capable of introducing a little more positivity into the universe.

Fill that happiness glass up. It’s Friday!

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